Venture Partners

Fueling the


our philosophy

We invest in the founders
who are market makers
not market takers.
We focus on the
most significant
parts of the
global economy,
shifts, and LEAD.
Our companies solve the hardest, often unpopular, and difficult to assess problems. They storm the castle to fill needs (not wants) and remove friction to achieve rapid growth and market leadership across the technology landscape.
At P1VP we focus on the most significant parts of the global economy, understand foundational shifts, and lead; generating extraordinary results in the most transformative technology companies over the last two decades.

our portfolio

25 Years

our focus

We look at business
models and localized
strategies as opposed to
macro changes, themes,
and trends.
P1VP are decidedly early-stage investors. We lead and thrive in the pre-product, pre-revenue market.
Fintech | DeFi
Blockchain | web3
Security | cybersecurity
Proptech | Construction
Communication | Internet | Infrastructure
Enterprise | SaaS
Medtech | Healthtech
Transportation | Logistics | Supply Chain
AI/ML | Frontier/Space | Quantum
Foodtech | Agritech

Our advantage

Insider Highlights
As founders and operators ourselves, we constantly have our eyes on the horizon to see opportunities with a sharpened sense before they rise to the surface.
Active Guidance
As successful entrepreneurs, we see ourselves as personal trainers (not operators) in essence — showing management how to grow better, faster, and stronger.
Bottom Up Sourcing
We perform bottoms-up research with customers & users, identifying critical infrastructure needs to build conviction in teams before these opportunities become trends.
Global Network
Accelerating our entrepreneurs and their companies to acquire customers, refine products and offerings, and forge strategic relationships.

Investment discipline

Deal Origination
Founders seek us out due to reputation and results. We proactively research and seize on signals of disruption at their earliest spark.
Due Diligence
We look for a rapidly expanding and quantifiably large market, management with proven skills in developing assets and people and a potential for sustainable competitive advantages.
As lead investors, our value creation strategy hinges on active engagement with management. We are committed to supporting key sales and partnering activities of each core portfolio company.
Strict process for follow-on investments. Focus on supporting only the best of our portfolio. We avoid the sunk cost fallacy; kill our losers early, limit downside, and move on
We exit our positions through a combination of M&A, secondary, direct offerings, and traditional IPOs.